There is potential risk of loss associated with any investment.
You should always consult with your financial and tax advisor before making any investment.
Past performance is not indicative of future results.

Accredited Capital Corporation ("ACC") specializes in alternative investments. ACC has access to issuers providing a wide range of private equity deals across multiple sectors for accredited investors.

ACC can provide financial management and exempt dealer advisory services for companies in need of strategic management oversight and/or an exempt market dealer to manage the capital raising and dealing process.

ACC has proprietary techniques and technology that encompass the areas of qualitative and quantitative data analysis. Our analysis goes beyond pure statistical analysis on investment performance, benchmark or portfolio data; we attempt to bridge the gap between the "art and science" in performance analysis.

At ACC we seek to better mitigate current client portfolio risk, smooth out unwanted portfolio volatility, while attempting to enhance a client's future portfolio returns.

ACC is a Canadian Federal entity established in 2004 that is registered with the Ontario Securities Commission under the status of Exempt Market Dealer and Commodity Trading Manager.

To receive information about our services you must qualify as an accredited or permitted investor based on rules and regulations in your country and you should consult with a financial advisor to determine if you comply.

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